The creation of flower beds

What you need to know about flower design

The most difficult thing in flower design is to choose the right plants and planting places. It is necessary to take into account the height of plants, flowering time, duration, habit, and much more. The number of nuances when creating a floral design leads to one correct conclusion. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your own plot - trust the professionals.

A Harmonious combination of colors is achieved when bright colors interact with neutral ones. There should always be a passive filling of green foliage. Soothing colors effectively eliminate the dissonance between the bright buds of different plants.

Traditionally, compositions were created in flower beds that are slightly raised above the ground. The world of plants is constantly changing - some species appear and become popular, others disappear and are grown exclusively in nurseries. Modern requirements imply the maximum approximation of plantings to the natural environment. Landscape compositions - arrays, groups, and individual flowers United by a common style-help you do this.

For additional effect, flowers are combined by color shades, flowering periods and sizes. Chaotic plantings are a thing of the past. Without studying the illumination of the site, the accessibility of the view, the combination with the landscape, the possibility of watering, and other factors.

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