завершающий этап в создании сада

Selection and planting of plants

More and more owners of private territory entrust landscaping to specialists. The main goal is to make a comfortable and impressive site. Without a variety of vegetation, this task cannot be implemented. Most of the work consists in the selection of plants and the choice of places for their planting. The flowers have a gorgeous decorative possibilities. For the designer, this is one of the main tools that positively affects the perception of the site.

The creation of flower beds

Sometimes there are landscape designs without colors, the chosen style did not imply them. But the role of colors is one of the main ones. In combination with paths, sculptures and reservoirs, they create complete compositions. Thoughtful use of plants opens up wide opportunities. Flowers have a strong influence: they are able to change the mood and give positive emotions. Flower beds are often used to highlight a specific area of the plot. And this is just one of the functions.

Lawn arrangement

Every owner of a private home wants a perfect grass carpet that can be easily combined with any elements of landscaping and decor. This is an extraordinary feeling when you walk barefoot on the cut grass. It is at such moments that you feel all the joys of your own plot with a lawn.
The beautiful appearance of the plot with a lawn is not the only plus, there are others:
oxygen saturation of the air;
strengthening the top layer of the earth;
noise and dust absorption;
air humidification.
Creating a high-quality lawn is part of the final stage of landscape design. Turn-key lawn roll-up device

Gardening is the most pleasant period of landscape work. It is during this period that the plot acquires significant external changes: at this stage, trees and shrubs are planted, flower beds are formed, as well as a soft green carpet of the lawn. Long-awaited plants appear, and the space becomes cozy.

landscaping is the final stage of land improvement.

Plants have always been the main decoration of the yard. But greening the territory does not just mean chaotic planting of trees. This is a carefully designed landscape where you will feel in harmony with nature. Time spent in the fresh air helps to quickly restore strength. A green building plan is created together with an improvement plan. All elements of the future landscape should be combined and interact with each other. It is important to understand where engineering systems will take place.

Unfortunately, the opinion is ingrained in the society that there is nothing difficult in self-gardening of the site. Why attract professionals, because anyone can plant a tree? The result of such actions is manifested at different intervals of time-plants do not take root, trees begin to die, flower beds become ill. After a few years, you don't get a beautiful garden, but impenetrable jungles or glades. Only specialists correctly organize an effective neighborhood of several biological species.

Complex landscaping of the site solves a number of practical problems:


Озеленение - это период рождения нового сада

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