Seasonal pruning

Pruning and shaping plants


Pruning plants is a necessity, without which you can forget about a beautiful and healthy garden. Ignore these words for a few years and you can see how thoughtful landscaping turns into a thicket of early-aging trees. Pruning for convenience should be divided into seasonal and sanitary.

Seasonal work usually takes place between November and April. When there is a state of rest, and the juice stops movement. Trees and shrubs go into this state with the first frosts. In winter, it is recommended to take care of seed trees, and in spring for stone trees. For the second group, the time of year does not matter. Any recommendations on the timing of sanitary pruning are relative. They can be observed, but if necessary, safely cut off an infected or dry branch. Modern farms practice pruning fruit plants throughout the year. Just don't cut it thoughtlessly. Every cut is a wound, so there must be a well-thought-out justification. There are many options: rejuvenation, enlargement of the fruit, awakening of the kidneys, reducing the load, directed growth, thinning.

Trees that are over ten years old require anti-aging care. Old and damaged branches are removed and new skeletal branches are formed in their place. Rejuvenation begins at the top of the plants. Then thin out the crown and shorten the longest horizontal branches.



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