We know how to turn withering plants into a blooming garden that will delight you every day. The garden grows with us: some plants develop faster, others-slower, some live longer, others-less, but they all need care and care.

Seasonal pruning

Pruning plants is one of the most important activities in the formation of a beautiful and effective garden,

In ornamental plants, pruning is performed not only to form the crown of the correct shape, but also for rejuvenation.

Pruning of fruit trees is mandatory to achieve a comfortable crown and get a good harvest.

Many years of experience in pruning plants and professional tools, gives us the opportunity to provide a quality service for our customers

Spring and autumn care

Often the owners of plots themselves take part in the care of the garden, or use the services of their own gardener during the season. However, spring and autumn care activities usually require additional effort, since the amount of work during these periods is greater and the period of their implementation is limited by time.

This service is convenient for those who like to garden themselves, and are ready to entrust the hard work to professionals.

Comprehensive garden care

Gardening is a complex of activities with different intensity depending on the time of year.

Spring activities are aimed at preparing plants for active life, such as fertilization, treatment of plants from pests and diseases. In autumn, it is also important to prepare plants for winter, to shelter the most vulnerable. In summer, the garden requires special, constant care and supervision. Even in winter, in some cases, the garden needs to be taken care of.

The "Comprehensive garden care" service allows the owner of the plot to enjoy his garden, leaving the care of it to the GREEN ATELIER team

We know how to turn withering plants into a blooming garden that will delight you every day.

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