Automatic irrigation system


We design an automatic irrigation system after the approval of the arboretum. The equipment should be placed so that moisture-loving plants receive a sufficient volume of water. Waterlogging of the soil can cause the death of other plants. The irrigation system works by the hour, and each zone of the plot will have its own parameters set. Mandatory elements are air humidity sensors. Irrigation is turned off during rains and high humidity.

During rain irrigation, water is supplied to the dividers. Plants do not suffer from heavy jets, they are irrigated with small drops. Creates the effect of a weak and long rain, this is a gentle humidification. But drip irrigation of the soil is a more effective method. Moisture gets directly to the roots. At the same time, the soil surface does not get wet, it retains its looseness and fullness of oxygen.


Automatic irrigation Systems are a set of the following devices:


the automatic watering system makes it much easier to take care of the garden

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