convenience and comfort in the garden

Drainage and storm drainage systems

The correct water balance of the territory is the key to comfortable operation of the site.
It is very important at the stage of design and analysis to determine the need for a particular drainage system and provide timely removal of excess water from the territory, to ensure protection from flooding of buildings and structures.

Here are the main types of systems:
Storm sewer
Wall drainage of buildings < br>site Drainage

The geoplastics and vertical planning of the plot

Geoplastics are part of proper drainage, and cannot be considered without reference to sections of drainage and storm sewers.

Building codes and regulations regulate the permissible slopes for paths and platforms, and our experience in landscaping allows us to plan any site that is convenient and safe for operation, to avoid stagnation of thawed and stormwater.

Automatic irrigation system

In modern landscaping, automatic irrigation systems are especially necessary.

The simplest ones provide for the availability of a reservoir for reserving and heating cold water from a well or water pipe, as well as connection points in different parts of the site.

The most modern systems are integrated with the smart home system and local weather stations.

Arrangement of tracks and platforms

Ease of use of tracks is one of the most important factors. When creating hard surfaces, we pay special attention to the design features and preparation for the road surface.
The choice of materials for the finish coating is also a significant factor in creating a road network and Parking space, because its quality and mechanical characteristics depend on the convenience and durability of operation.

Landscape lighting

The electrical network it is necessary to establish at the stage of improvement until I started gardening.

Cable laying is carried out in accordance with the landscape lighting project, which provides areas for lighting paths and platforms, lighting decorative tree and shrub groups, as well as sockets for Christmas trees and other needs. It is also convenient to provide motion sensors or a photo relay for timely disabling and enabling functional zones.

Terrace board

One of the coverings in the improvement of the garden is a decking. Attractive appearance and naturalness of the material attracts many owners of country houses.

Small architectural form

Landscape architecture is a complex planning solution for your plot, country house or estate, its stylistic solution.

Small architectural forms always successfully complement the overall holistic view of the site, Park, garden, emphasize its style.
Gatherings of guests, family gatherings, noisy games with children, it is always nice to spend a Sunny summer day in an outdoor gazebo or on the terrace. Or retire to a small rotunda while reading a book or writing a letter, listening to birds sing and bees hum.

We offer the services of a mini excavator Wacker Neuson EZ38.
Compact, maneuverable, multi-functional mini excavator,
an indispensable assistant in the production of works on the improvement of the site.
Construction of ditches and trenches, layout of the territory


This is a set of works aimed at achieving maximum comfort on the site. The drainage system and storm sewer system together with the vertical layout will ensure the absence of puddles and optimal water balance for plants, while protecting your buildings from flooding. Geoplastics allows you to create a special landscape, hills and nooks. A convenient road and path network will ensure comfortable movement along the site.Modern technologies allow the use of smart irrigation and lighting systems. Small architectural forms complete the integrity of the composition and provide convenience and comfort on the uastka.




At this stage, the Foundation of the future garden is laid. Engineering communications are being laid, paths and platforms are being arranged, and landscaping is being prepared.

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