The geoplastics and vertical planning of the plot

Vertical plot layout

Please note that when it rains, some paths remain dry, while others are not accessible. Why is this happening? A mandatory point of landscape design is to create slopes on all surfaces and ensure that water is drained from paths and platforms. An important task is to ensure the safe movement of cars and pedestrians on the projected site. The third task is to create a terrain, the features of which will be used in the organization of recreation areas.

without geoplastics, it is impossible to create landscape design on complex terrain. The term complex terrain implies the absence of a horizontal plane. For the operation of the HOMESTEAD territory, you will need to divide the site into sites for various purposes, design them and approaches to them. The project involves creating several horizontal surfaces located at different heights. It is mandatory to use retaining walls that perform decorative properties, increase the useful area and protect from collapse. 

Vertical layout is also relevant for flat areas. No one is surprised by the wrong landing of buildings. Pay attention to houses where the level of ground Windows coincides with the pavement tiles. There are high-rise connections between all the elements of a private house. This is often forgotten. If there is a significant difference in the marks, the only way out is to build up or excavate the land. But you can't just remove or add land, there will always be consequences. Specialists know how to minimize them. For example, valuable tree species grow on your site. Filling their root necks will lead to the death of the tree. You can't just add a layer of earth. If you need to lower the level, the root system will also suffer. Removal and disposal of soil is expensive. Excess soil can be used to create hills or slopes. To minimize problems, you will need a vertical layout project. 

Working with the landscape of the HOMESTEAD territory begins with a thorough analysis. Changing the terrain of an existing site helps to create harmonious landscape projects. Therefore, all work should be carried out within the framework of the planning solution.


excess soil on the site can be planned into a beautiful landscape

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