Lawn arrangement

Turnkey roll-up lawn Device

An Ideal opportunity for those who want to get a quick result. Even today your house is surrounded by bare land, and tomorrow it is surrounded by green lawns. A rolled lawn is a layer of turf with ready-made grass. It is pre-grown in nurseries, cut together with a fertile layer of soil, rolled up and placed in a new place. In the nursery, the lawn is watered, fertilized and mowed for 2-3 years.

Rolling lawn Installation requires additional:

Survival depends on the correct preparation of the base. When installing a roll-up lawn, it is necessary to dry it so that no footprints remain on it while walking. The fertile layer is leveled, rammed. On a high-quality rolled lawn, the root system is quickly formed and the seams are fused.

Sowing seeds when setting up a lawn

As you can see from the name, the lawn is created by seeding. Labor-intensive work that requires practical skills, strict compliance with technology and subsequent courtship. The device of the seeding lawn takes a long time.

The grass is gaining full strength only by the second year, so you should not wait for a quick result when planting a lawn in Moscow and the Moscow region. We specifically started the story with the problem points, so that you understand the complexity of the process of creating a high-quality lawn.

the Cost of turnkey planting depends on the desired quality. The main factors of price formation are the preparation of the plot for laying or sowing the lawn, the type of grass mixture and the thickness of the fertile soil. The final cost of a turnkey lawn can be determined only after the specialist has left for the site to determine the area of the territory and the composition of the soil.


A Sown lawn is not much cheaper than a rolled one, since the main cost is hidden in the preparation of the fertile layer.

Turn-key lawn roll-up device

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