Landscape lighting

landscape lighting

Working with lighting devices on the site is divided into landscape and architectural lighting. The architectural type implies the organization of lighting of the basement, facade or terrace. Accentuated light highlights characteristic details - the color of the decorative finish or the relief of the column. It is created with the help of small lights that are installed close to the wall. The lighting works without accents, and the light can fill the space evenly. This technique is used to show the outline of a house. To organize flood lighting, you will need powerful devices installed at a distance from the walls. If the owner needs a special sense of security, it is created by placing lamps around the perimeter of the territory.

Landscape lighting helps you highlight or hide certain details of the garden or infield. When designing lighting for a landscape project, it is important not to create an area that is too bright. To enhance the security of bright light is recommended to be applied only on the main paths leading from the gate to the door. But even in this case, you need to be careful with the choice of brightness when creating lighting on the site. It should not blind your eyes while walking, and you should always be able to admire the plants. It is important to consider the balance of vertical and horizontal lighting, alternate light zones with dark ones, and identify accents.

at night the garden gets a special charm

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