Foundation device

Crushed stone and sand Foundation, Foundation "pillow", Foundation preparation – all these are synonyms of the device of the Foundation for the Foundation. We will tell you the main points that you need to know when preparing the Foundation for the Foundation plate.

Decorative paving

The cost of paving paths is a significant part of the overall budget for the improvement of the site. Moreover, it is the type of paths, steps and platforms that first determines whether the house and garden will look like a single ensemble.

Concrete pavement

Recently, concrete coverings for paths and platforms are returning to fashion.
widely used concrete coating technologies in the United States are also coming to us.
in the USSR, concrete coverings were also in use.
Modern technologies allow the use of concrete coatings not only in the premises, but also on the street.

experienced designers look at where the tracks are trampled, and then start designing.

Types of tracks and platforms

Several technologies are used to create tracks and platforms. The choice depends on the tasks performed, the loads received, and the type of soil. Each plot must have an entrance zone - check-in under the house or Parking nearby. Platforms for the race are under the constant influence of heavy loads, so it is important to organize a strong concrete base, under which there is a sand and gravel cushion.

The Central path leading to the main entrance is slightly inferior to the entrance platform. It also receives high loads throughout the year, so it requires a reliable pillow. The garden paths leading to each building are only actively used at certain times of the year. A base made of sand and gravel is suitable for them. Walking paths are created in a simplified version. However, the choice of base depends on the specific conditions.


Selection of materials for the construction of paths and platforms on the site

Now there is a huge selection of any materials in construction. You can choose from dozens of models of paving tiles, natural stone. Materials are selected depending on the object's functions. The entrance area implies increased loads, the material must be resistant to abrasion, have a simple geometric shape. Square or rectangular paving slabs will do. At least 6 cm thick, but we recommend choosing 8 cm. Concrete or granite tiles can easily cope with this task. Garden paths do not require a thickness of 4 cm. Tiles of any shape will do.

After purchasing the material, you must decide on the appropriate installation technology. During the work, grout and glue mixtures are used. To make the right choice, you will need the help of specialists. Saving on these services will lead to a lot of problems when operating the local area. Poor quality can appear in the most unexpected places at any time. This may be a sagging roadbed, cracks on the surface, bumps and bumps.



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